Which Are Some Of The Top Limousines In The World?

Limousines have always been associated with luxury, which is beyond the normal standard, you can get a lavish hot tub and Gadgets inside a Limousine. As they come with so much luxury they wear a very high price tag. Today they are available for common people due to limo services Toronto.

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  1. The Million Euro Mini, $1.35 million

This is owned by Kazakhstan princess, this is one of the most expensive Mini Cooper in the world, which has a pink body and is covered with millions of Swarovski crystals. The window films of the Limo contain gold, there are 20 parking cameras and 30 sensors and a 47-inch television inside. Hence it is priced at 1.35 million dollars.

  1. The American Dream, $4 million

This is the longest Limo in the planet, sized at Hundred feet and has 26 wheels. This consists of a judge Juki and a sun deck, what you would never imagine is it also has a Helicopter Landing pad and one King sized bed. This is custom built by a designer named Jay Ohrberg. Limo services Toronto, make it abailable for common people.

  1. Armor Horse Vault XXL, $150,000

This is a Limo which comes with a + level of security and has bulletproof glass. It has a very luxury wooden panel inside and a retractable pole for dancing, a bar, hi-tech sound system, and what not.

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  1. Maybach Landaulet, $1.4 million

This is a sophisticated and elegant design which was made in the year 1920, it has gold interiors and the seats are of soft buttery leather. The roof is retractable.

  1. Cadillac One, $3 million

This was built in the year 2009 for US President Barack Obama, since then it has been the part of Presidential fleet. There are oxygen masks, fire fighting equipment, guns and various other luxuries to keep the president safe and his crew comfortable inside.

  1. The Sultan of Brunei’s Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limo, $14 million

This is one of the most expensive Limousine in the world which belong to royalty and is covered with 24 karat gold, even The Wheels of the leaves are covered with gold. This Limo holds every amenity you could think of. Many of the state heads own limos, but it stands out. This is a Rolls Royce Limo.

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  1. The Boeing 727 Limo, $1 Million

It was designed by the creative crew of the flight Boeing, in this the flight Boeing 727 who was transformed into a Limo by removing its wings and putting a Mercedes bus chassis. It weighs around 24,000 pounds, it has a private back room with multiple televisions, heart-shaped bed, a fireplace, and the dance floor, it has been said that the maximum speed it can reach is up to 124 mph.

  1. The Batmobile Limousine, $4.2 million

This was built by a super fan of DC Comics when he decided to build a demo version in the year 2012. The Batmobile is from the famous movie series of Batman. This is one of the most recognized limousines in the world.

  1. Rolls Royce Phantom Limo, $3.8 million

The most popular and cars and the world’s most expensive cars which have bulletproof armor and very good styling. Only political leaders and important dignitaries have been in this car, this has been designed for a business person on the go.


  1. The Midnight Rider, $2.5 million

When you say Limo you generally think of a long and sleek car, but limo has been constructed by the biggest limo services Toronto for hire company in the world. This is the world’s heaviest limousine and can hold up to 40 people.

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