Hiring a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto

When most people think about a criminal lawyer in Toronto, they probably think first of lawyers who deal with drunk driving and impaired driving cases. While these are very important issues that must be handled by competent lawyers, there are many others that fall under the heading of criminal law. This includes such issues as immigration fraud, mischief and assault, murder, arson, drug offences, sex crimes and more.

David Genis Criminal Lawyer

David Genis’ specialty is criminal defence and he practises in many different courtrooms throughout the city. He has represented clients in the criminal courts of Ontario as well as those of the Federal and Municipal Divisions. As such, Genis has seen the various laws governing the criminal justice system both in Canada and the United States, and is intimately familiar with issues such as double jeopardy, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the victims of crime and their rights, identity theft, police powers and ethics, evidence and reliability, and numerous other areas of law. As such, David Genis Criminal Lawyer has seen it all and has done it all, including serving as a prosecutor and a judge in several different courtrooms over the past three decades.

When a person is charged with a criminal offence, whether they are guilty or not, the first thing that their criminal defence lawyer in Toronto will do is to conduct an investigation to find out if there is sufficient evidence to proceed with the case. This includes looking for any DNA evidence that could implicate the client in the commission of the alleged crime, reviewing the police files on the suspect, checking records of aliases that the person uses, and talking to the client and the victim to find out their side of the story. Crown attorneys, meanwhile, will do their best to convince a judge and jury that the defendant is actually guilty of the crime. It is not uncommon, for example, for Crown attorneys to try to paint the picture of the client as a passive and guilt-free victim of a senseless crime, when in actuality the client is arguably responsible for the commission of the crime.

David Genis Criminal Lawyer

A Toronto criminal defense lawyer can also represent the accused without going to trial if that is what the client wants. This means that the lawyer would approach the prosecution and offer a plea bargain. If the prosecutor is unwilling to enter into a plea bargain, the lawyer can then choose to go to trial. The plea bargain may include pleading guilty to the charges on which the client has been accused, avoiding a trial by entering a plea of “not guilty”, or reducing the charges from all charges to one count, with the lawyer agreeing to combine the case with the other lawyers handling the other charges, or simply drop the case. A lawyer may also choose to drop the case if the prosecution proves that there is not enough evidence to move forward.

For many years, the Toronto criminal defence attorney was the only one that could help someone out in this type of situation. But recently, a new concept known as “paralegal services” have become available. As of late, many dui lawyers have started specializing in paralegal services, meaning they can now take on clients who did not even know they were charged with a crime, but need legal advice or who are in need of expert legal counsel due to some technical problem. Because most dui lawyers have started to specialize, this makes getting legal advice very convenient and inexpensive.

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