10 Summer Road Trips Close To Toronto to Go On With Your Friends

Summer is almost around the corner. It brings to one’s mind long vacations. What can be a better way to spend the vacation than going on a long road trip? A road trip with your buddies can be amazing.

Are looking out for some great places near Toronto? Here, you will get to know about some amazing places which can be great for some road trips. Before heading to these amazing places, don’t forget to book your Car rentals Toronto service.

1. Port Elgin

Want to relax and unwind on the beach? You can visit the community, Port Elgin which is perfect to chill out with friends. Located along the coastline of Lake Huron, you can have access to six different beaches. You can go on hiking trails.

 2. Muskoka

Book a reputable Car rentals Toronto and head to one of the most famous cottage country, Muskoka. Here, you can get involved in various kinds of activities, such as boat cruises, kayaking, fishing, canoeing, hiking, paddle boarding, fishing and more.

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 3. Wasaga Beach

Go on a trip to Wasaga with your friends. You can rent a watercraft and hit the waves. Or, if you want to do something different, you can also go on a banana boat ride. However, don’t miss out the Scenic Caves.

 4. Niagara Falls

Torontonians can visit the Niagara Falls and take a Sky Wheel ride during sunset. Visiting the wax museums or hitting the casino is another feasible option. You can go the American side for some shopping.

 5. Algonquin Provincial Park

With Car rentals Toronto services, you can go close to Nature. At this park, there are hoards of activities, such as biking, fishing, camping at backcountry, canoeing, hunting, fishing, swimming, hiking trails, watching wildlife, and more.

6. Collingwood

Looking for some great outdoor activities with your friends? Collingwood would be the right place for you. You will feel the adrenaline rushing within you when you take part in jet skiing, kayaking, water skiing, zip lining, and more. Or, else you can go for wakeboarding, cycling, high or low rope course, etc.

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 7. Elora

If you get Car rentals Toronto at a cheap rate, don’t forget to visit Ontario’s most alluring village. In this small village, one will get plenty of outdoor activities like cycling, kayaking, tubing, hot air balloon ride, etc.

8. Rice Lake

If you and your friend are a fishing enthusiast, you can go for this place. Apart from fishing, once can visit the zoos or go for horseback riding or tree top trekking.

9. Thousand Islands

Located on the border of Ontario and New York allows one to go on a cruise. You and your friends can visit the historical sites and museums. Or, you can go for a drive-in movie at night.

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10. Bruce Trail

If you want to go on a hike with your friends, this place is apt for you. For reaching this place, Car rentals Toronto services are available. The main and side trails would allow one to explore the beauty of the place and take pictures while camping.

Start your summer festivities with your friend by visiting these places. Visit these places and enjoy your summer holidays. Catch the latest news on car rentals here

Why Are Armoured Truck for Sale Important For Protection?

An armoured vehicle like an armoured car or a van or a truck, has become an important mode of transporting precious valuables and important people from one place to another. Well, an armoured vehicle is known for its enhanced security features. The rate of notorious and criminal activities has increased over the last few decades. Thus, armoured truck for sale is being increasingly used by law enforcement officials, government officials, financial institutions, and business houses for ensuring their safety of their valuables or for keeping themselves protected from any kind of threat.

Previously, armoured vehicles were only used by military officials. However, with the rise in the threat level all across the world, things have changed totally. Without a proper armoured vehicle, one can’t remain protected from the threats of the outside world. Thus, armoured vehicles like armoured truck for sale are witnessing a huge demand among the public. They are designed to provide protection to the passengers as well as the valuables from any attacks. In fact, they can withstand any kinds of attacks from grenades or guns. Thereby, they can help a person or the valuables to get away safely.

How Armoured Trucks Provide Protection?

When you hire an armoured truck, you can stay assured of the fact that it can provide you maximum level of protection and security. If you are wondering how, you will then need to go through the rest of the blog.

How It Ensures Security & Protection?


The windows or the windshield of armoured truck for sale are bulletproof and shatterproof. In fact, in order to make the windows bullet resistant, several layers of glass are mixed with several layers of bullet-resistant plastic.

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The material that is being used for making the armoured truck or the vehicle is what makes it armoured. The stainless and galvanized steel is mixed with nickel and chromium in order to make it resistant to corrosion. The entire body of the truck is made by hardening the steel. This makes the vehicle remain protected from any kind of assaults. Based on the armor density one chooses it can be made resistant to bullets. In fact, it can resist any kind of attacks.


The armoured truck for sale has an armed guard with them. They are trained to handle any kind of situations and for transporting the valuables or the persons safely. Until their work is completed, they won’t dilly dally in chatting. In fact, they are trained to shoot their attackers if needed.

Added Features

The armoured trucks come with an additional bumper so that it can wipe off any form of obstacles that might come in front of them. The tires of this truck can even run a long distance in spite getting flat.

Well, armoured vehicles have become an important mode for transporting the valuables or the people safely. You can take the advantage of armoured truck for sale in order to reap the maximum benefits of the trucks for safe and secured transportation.

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