Hiring a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto

When most people think about a criminal lawyer in Toronto, they probably think first of lawyers who deal with drunk driving and impaired driving cases. While these are very important issues that must be handled by competent lawyers, there are many others that fall under the heading of criminal law. This includes such issues as immigration fraud, mischief and assault, murder, arson, drug offences, sex crimes and more.

David Genis Criminal Lawyer

David Genis’ specialty is criminal defence and he practises in many different courtrooms throughout the city. He has represented clients in the criminal courts of Ontario as well as those of the Federal and Municipal Divisions. As such, Genis has seen the various laws governing the criminal justice system both in Canada and the United States, and is intimately familiar with issues such as double jeopardy, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the victims of crime and their rights, identity theft, police powers and ethics, evidence and reliability, and numerous other areas of law. As such, David Genis Criminal Lawyer has seen it all and has done it all, including serving as a prosecutor and a judge in several different courtrooms over the past three decades.

When a person is charged with a criminal offence, whether they are guilty or not, the first thing that their criminal defence lawyer in Toronto will do is to conduct an investigation to find out if there is sufficient evidence to proceed with the case. This includes looking for any DNA evidence that could implicate the client in the commission of the alleged crime, reviewing the police files on the suspect, checking records of aliases that the person uses, and talking to the client and the victim to find out their side of the story. Crown attorneys, meanwhile, will do their best to convince a judge and jury that the defendant is actually guilty of the crime. It is not uncommon, for example, for Crown attorneys to try to paint the picture of the client as a passive and guilt-free victim of a senseless crime, when in actuality the client is arguably responsible for the commission of the crime.

David Genis Criminal Lawyer

A Toronto criminal defense lawyer can also represent the accused without going to trial if that is what the client wants. This means that the lawyer would approach the prosecution and offer a plea bargain. If the prosecutor is unwilling to enter into a plea bargain, the lawyer can then choose to go to trial. The plea bargain may include pleading guilty to the charges on which the client has been accused, avoiding a trial by entering a plea of “not guilty”, or reducing the charges from all charges to one count, with the lawyer agreeing to combine the case with the other lawyers handling the other charges, or simply drop the case. A lawyer may also choose to drop the case if the prosecution proves that there is not enough evidence to move forward.

For many years, the Toronto criminal defence attorney was the only one that could help someone out in this type of situation. But recently, a new concept known as “paralegal services” have become available. As of late, many dui lawyers have started specializing in paralegal services, meaning they can now take on clients who did not even know they were charged with a crime, but need legal advice or who are in need of expert legal counsel due to some technical problem. Because most dui lawyers have started to specialize, this makes getting legal advice very convenient and inexpensive.

Interesting Information about Airsoft BB Guns

Among the entire Airsoft gun pellets the BBs have won the hearts of the users quite fast. Any airsoft guns connoisseur can tell you that the BB pellets are the best quality ammunition. While most people get confused about the Steel BB pellets and the Airsoft BB pellets, in reality, they are quite different. The only similarity between these two pellets lies in their names. Now, if you are an Airsoft gun buff and want more information about BBs, keep on reading.

airsoft guns

Facts about Airsoft BBs

While you might think that the Steel BB pellets can work fine in your Airsoft guns, think again. The steel pellets can really damage the internals of your Airsoft BB guns, and cause harm to other players as well. The Airsoft BB pellets, on the other hand, are made of plastic. While they can slightly vary in material and color, they do not pose any danger to the other players.

The pellet weight can influence the speed per second and the degrees of accuracy of the Airsoft BBs. You should choose the BBs depending on the rules and regulations of your community. In every Airsoft gun, the standard diameter for the ammunition is 6 mm. That means you can use BBs with different types of guns.

How Are The BBs Made?

The BBS can’t be made anywhere. You need specific machines to melt, combine and mold the pellets of the guns to perfection. A mixture of different plastics was used to create the required characteristics of the BBs. During the production process, the mixture of the plastics is supplied to a machine known as the suction unit. The suction unit also contains the dosage unit that ensures the strength that the BBs need.

Once the mixing is done, the plastic is then melted and pressed into the molds of spherical shapes. The process of melting of the plastics is done in an extrusion chamber. Extrusion is one of the most delicate processes that help to create objects with a fixed diameter. That’s why this method is perfect for creating BBs for the tight bore barrel Airsoft guns.

airsoft guns


Biodegradable and Non Biodegradable

Unlike the guns, the BBs can be made with biodegradable as well as non-biodegradable materials. The biodegradable versions of BBs are made using the polylactide known as the PLA. The non-biodegradables are made using degradable materials, like corns or starches. That makes them costlier than the BBs made of non-biodegradable materials. After use, these biodegradable BBs will break down after 90 days in most conditions of facilities, which makes them environment-friendly.

The Airsoft sites have now started to change their policies as well. Some of the Airsoft sites in Europe only allow the biodegradable BBs to maintain their plastic-free policy. That’s why it is always better to check the policy of the site you are going to know about the type of BBs they allow.

On the other hand, non-biodegradable BBs are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS Plastic) which is not environment-friendly at all. However, these are the most popular for their cheaper price.

Now that you know more about the BBs for the Airsoft guns, you will be able to choose the perfect ones for yourself. Saying that, you should not choose the BBs while considering their prices only. You should think about the traceability and other factors as well to make the best decision.

Which Are Some Of The Top Limousines In The World?

Limousines have always been associated with luxury, which is beyond the normal standard, you can get a lavish hot tub and Gadgets inside a Limousine. As they come with so much luxury they wear a very high price tag. Today they are available for common people due to limo services Toronto.

limo services toronto

  1. The Million Euro Mini, $1.35 million

This is owned by Kazakhstan princess, this is one of the most expensive Mini Cooper in the world, which has a pink body and is covered with millions of Swarovski crystals. The window films of the Limo contain gold, there are 20 parking cameras and 30 sensors and a 47-inch television inside. Hence it is priced at 1.35 million dollars.

  1. The American Dream, $4 million

This is the longest Limo in the planet, sized at Hundred feet and has 26 wheels. This consists of a judge Juki and a sun deck, what you would never imagine is it also has a Helicopter Landing pad and one King sized bed. This is custom built by a designer named Jay Ohrberg. Limo services Toronto, make it abailable for common people.

  1. Armor Horse Vault XXL, $150,000

This is a Limo which comes with a + level of security and has bulletproof glass. It has a very luxury wooden panel inside and a retractable pole for dancing, a bar, hi-tech sound system, and what not.

limo services in toronto

  1. Maybach Landaulet, $1.4 million

This is a sophisticated and elegant design which was made in the year 1920, it has gold interiors and the seats are of soft buttery leather. The roof is retractable.

  1. Cadillac One, $3 million

This was built in the year 2009 for US President Barack Obama, since then it has been the part of Presidential fleet. There are oxygen masks, fire fighting equipment, guns and various other luxuries to keep the president safe and his crew comfortable inside.

  1. The Sultan of Brunei’s Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limo, $14 million

This is one of the most expensive Limousine in the world which belong to royalty and is covered with 24 karat gold, even The Wheels of the leaves are covered with gold. This Limo holds every amenity you could think of. Many of the state heads own limos, but it stands out. This is a Rolls Royce Limo.

Limos in Toronto

  1. The Boeing 727 Limo, $1 Million

It was designed by the creative crew of the flight Boeing, in this the flight Boeing 727 who was transformed into a Limo by removing its wings and putting a Mercedes bus chassis. It weighs around 24,000 pounds, it has a private back room with multiple televisions, heart-shaped bed, a fireplace, and the dance floor, it has been said that the maximum speed it can reach is up to 124 mph.

  1. The Batmobile Limousine, $4.2 million

This was built by a super fan of DC Comics when he decided to build a demo version in the year 2012. The Batmobile is from the famous movie series of Batman. This is one of the most recognized limousines in the world.

  1. Rolls Royce Phantom Limo, $3.8 million

The most popular and cars and the world’s most expensive cars which have bulletproof armor and very good styling. Only political leaders and important dignitaries have been in this car, this has been designed for a business person on the go.


  1. The Midnight Rider, $2.5 million

When you say Limo you generally think of a long and sleek car, but limo has been constructed by the biggest limo services Toronto for hire company in the world. This is the world’s heaviest limousine and can hold up to 40 people.

Bucket Truck: Understand the Big Picture for Your Business to Level Up

A bucket truck has become a sine qua non for a gamut of industries. The dependability of workforce on this particular utility fleet has soared high over the past one decade. Owing to its versatility, people are investing in these boom trucks.

In short, these trucks are ubiquitous and can be spotted on road side, light pole etc. This is because bucket trucks have extendable poles and large buckets to conduct multiple activities. From contractors to cooperatives, a lot of businesses are choosing these boom trucks to increase their productivity. Are you planning to follow the same footprint? If so, then it’s time to get comprehensive knowledge of this utility vehicle.boom truck

Brushing the basics:

If you fall under the category of uninitiated, it is imperative for you to brush your basics. Basically, bucket trucks owing to an increased height help the users to have access to distant places. Places that can’t be reached by physical ladders become attainable with the aid of such trucks.

From the mechanical point of view, these are usually powered by the internal combustion diesel engines. However, with the emergence of avant-garde technology, people prefer to buy hybrid models. Needless to say, these beasts are more functional than the regular ones.


The structure of these boom trucks varies according to the types. For instance, a standard bucket truck has a mated engine that remains tagged with the truck’s transmission. This mechanism is useful to drive the differential during several operations. For your information, a secondary shaft is also referred to as PTO. It provides the main driving force by stimulating the hydraulic ram for moving the lift towards the staged position.boom trucks

Now comes the concept of the auxiliary internal combustion engine. This engine is typically installed on the side of the bucket truck’s chassis. Some of the cardinal features of this engine are:

  • Cause small displacement
  • Use less horsepower
  • Conserve fuel consumption at large
  • Saves money
  • Maximum functionality

Speaking about hybrid bucket trucks, these fleet cranes are equipped with two robust engines and each of different type. The specialty of this hybrid truck is that the main diesel engine remains under the hood. Not to mention, this sturdy engine actually powers the transmission while the fleet is on road. For maximum functionality, there remains an electric motor for powering the main hydraulic system.


Some of the popular reasons for using bucket trucks are:

  1. Conducting rescue work in case of fire
  2. For doing exterior painting
  3. Construction work
  4. Film and photography
  5. Forestry and tree Care
  6. Landscaping
  7. Painting the exterior of tall buildings

The list can be exhaustive. Due to its wide range of usage, these boom trucks are available in different types. Forestry trucks happen to be the most popular one. Owing to its versatility, people usually prefer the truck of this sort. Excellent features like the implementation of a good rigging control system increase the functionality at par.


Final Thoughts

That’s all about bucket boom trucks in a nutshell. All you need to spot your desired dealer to get hold of the best truck at a competitive price.


10 Summer Road Trips Close To Toronto to Go On With Your Friends

Summer is almost around the corner. It brings to one’s mind long vacations. What can be a better way to spend the vacation than going on a long road trip? A road trip with your buddies can be amazing.

Are looking out for some great places near Toronto? Here, you will get to know about some amazing places which can be great for some road trips. Before heading to these amazing places, don’t forget to book your Car rentals Toronto service.

1. Port Elgin

Want to relax and unwind on the beach? You can visit the community, Port Elgin which is perfect to chill out with friends. Located along the coastline of Lake Huron, you can have access to six different beaches. You can go on hiking trails.

 2. Muskoka

Book a reputable Car rentals Toronto and head to one of the most famous cottage country, Muskoka. Here, you can get involved in various kinds of activities, such as boat cruises, kayaking, fishing, canoeing, hiking, paddle boarding, fishing and more.

car rentals in toronto

 3. Wasaga Beach

Go on a trip to Wasaga with your friends. You can rent a watercraft and hit the waves. Or, if you want to do something different, you can also go on a banana boat ride. However, don’t miss out the Scenic Caves.

 4. Niagara Falls

Torontonians can visit the Niagara Falls and take a Sky Wheel ride during sunset. Visiting the wax museums or hitting the casino is another feasible option. You can go the American side for some shopping.

 5. Algonquin Provincial Park

With Car rentals Toronto services, you can go close to Nature. At this park, there are hoards of activities, such as biking, fishing, camping at backcountry, canoeing, hunting, fishing, swimming, hiking trails, watching wildlife, and more.

6. Collingwood

Looking for some great outdoor activities with your friends? Collingwood would be the right place for you. You will feel the adrenaline rushing within you when you take part in jet skiing, kayaking, water skiing, zip lining, and more. Or, else you can go for wakeboarding, cycling, high or low rope course, etc.

car rentals toronto

 7. Elora

If you get Car rentals Toronto at a cheap rate, don’t forget to visit Ontario’s most alluring village. In this small village, one will get plenty of outdoor activities like cycling, kayaking, tubing, hot air balloon ride, etc.

8. Rice Lake

If you and your friend are a fishing enthusiast, you can go for this place. Apart from fishing, once can visit the zoos or go for horseback riding or tree top trekking.

9. Thousand Islands

Located on the border of Ontario and New York allows one to go on a cruise. You and your friends can visit the historical sites and museums. Or, you can go for a drive-in movie at night.

toronto car rentals

10. Bruce Trail

If you want to go on a hike with your friends, this place is apt for you. For reaching this place, Car rentals Toronto services are available. The main and side trails would allow one to explore the beauty of the place and take pictures while camping.

Start your summer festivities with your friend by visiting these places. Visit these places and enjoy your summer holidays. Catch the latest news on car rentals here

Why Are Armoured Truck for Sale Important For Protection?

An armoured vehicle like an armoured car or a van or a truck, has become an important mode of transporting precious valuables and important people from one place to another. Well, an armoured vehicle is known for its enhanced security features. The rate of notorious and criminal activities has increased over the last few decades. Thus, armoured truck for sale is being increasingly used by law enforcement officials, government officials, financial institutions, and business houses for ensuring their safety of their valuables or for keeping themselves protected from any kind of threat.

Previously, armoured vehicles were only used by military officials. However, with the rise in the threat level all across the world, things have changed totally. Without a proper armoured vehicle, one can’t remain protected from the threats of the outside world. Thus, armoured vehicles like armoured truck for sale are witnessing a huge demand among the public. They are designed to provide protection to the passengers as well as the valuables from any attacks. In fact, they can withstand any kinds of attacks from grenades or guns. Thereby, they can help a person or the valuables to get away safely.

How Armoured Trucks Provide Protection?

When you hire an armoured truck, you can stay assured of the fact that it can provide you maximum level of protection and security. If you are wondering how, you will then need to go through the rest of the blog.

How It Ensures Security & Protection?


The windows or the windshield of armoured truck for sale are bulletproof and shatterproof. In fact, in order to make the windows bullet resistant, several layers of glass are mixed with several layers of bullet-resistant plastic.

armored trucks


The material that is being used for making the armoured truck or the vehicle is what makes it armoured. The stainless and galvanized steel is mixed with nickel and chromium in order to make it resistant to corrosion. The entire body of the truck is made by hardening the steel. This makes the vehicle remain protected from any kind of assaults. Based on the armor density one chooses it can be made resistant to bullets. In fact, it can resist any kind of attacks.


The armoured truck for sale has an armed guard with them. They are trained to handle any kind of situations and for transporting the valuables or the persons safely. Until their work is completed, they won’t dilly dally in chatting. In fact, they are trained to shoot their attackers if needed.

Added Features

The armoured trucks come with an additional bumper so that it can wipe off any form of obstacles that might come in front of them. The tires of this truck can even run a long distance in spite getting flat.

Well, armoured vehicles have become an important mode for transporting the valuables or the people safely. You can take the advantage of armoured truck for sale in order to reap the maximum benefits of the trucks for safe and secured transportation.

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